Frequently Asked Questions

Size of the micore ceiling tiles?

600mm x 400mm.

600mm x 300mm.

2 ft x 1 ft (Imperial Size)

Are your ceiling tiles available in various patterns?

Our tiles do not come in patterns and are blank.

Are the ceiling pre primed?

We can pre prime your tiles at an additional cost. If this is not required then they will come without primer.

What type of timber flooring is available?

We supply tongue & groove flooring in most timber types including NZ Rimu & Matai, Pacific Hardwoods & American White Oak. However if you have a particular timber type please as us.

Turnaround time?

Our production and delivery time does depend on the job size but generally all orders are delivered within 5 business days. Urgent orders are able to be turned around within your timeframe.

Pricing Structure?

We price each quote individually based on requirements. You will receive your no obligation quote within 48 hours.